Medical Office Assistant

COVID-19 update: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, VIU’s exam centre has canceled all in-person exams and assessments. The safety of our students, employees, and broader community continues to be the priority. All in-person exams will remain cancelled until Spring 2021 at the earliest. VIU’s exam centre remains open for remote student support.

At this time we have capacity to support remote proctoring for external institutions who have approved invigilation via Zoom.

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Offered at Parksville campus

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Subject areas covered in the assessment

Area of Study

Min. Score



Reading Comprehension


30  multiple choice questions

40 min.



30 multiple choice questions.  Identify correct usage in sentences (pronouns, verbs, transition words), capitalization and punctuation.  Identify well organized and effective paragraphs.

30 min.



30 questions on operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percent and word problems.

60 min.

Approximate Time:  2 1/2 Hours
A calculator is permitted. A dictionary is not permitted.


40 wpm

5-min. timed writings on computer. Learn more about Keyboarding assessments.

60 min.

Please note that the keyboarding assessment is scheduled and paid separately from the regular skills assessment.

Resources to help you prepare for your assessment

Keyboarding practice

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