Keyboarding Assessment (Typing Speed/wpm)

COVID-19 update: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, VIU’s exam centre has canceled all in-person exams and assessments. The safety of our students, employees, and broader community continues to be the priority. All in-person exams will remain cancelled until Spring 2021 at the earliest. VIU’s exam centre remains open for remote student support.

At this time we have capacity to support remote proctoring for external institutions who have approved invigilation via Zoom.

Note: Booking online is currently not available. Please contact us directly at

COVID 19 Information for Keyboarding

We currently offer the keyboarding assessment remotely. Access to high-speed internet and a laptop or desktop computer with microphone, speakers, and webcam is required. To proceed with booking, please email

Fee: $45 for employment or another institutions / $35 for VIU students with current student number.






Dependent on program – check your program or employer's requirements


  • Timed 5-minute intervals; however, students have more than one chance to make the required net words/minute within the time frame.
  • One space after every period.
  • BACKSPACE button is available.
  • Two (2) words deducted per error to a maximum 5 errors per 5-minute timing (standard business practice).

Approximate Time:  1 Hour

A letter indicating net words per minute is provided via email at the end of the testing session. 

Keyboarding practice