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Academic Advisors are available to support you in planning and preparing to begin your studies at VIU and through a positive and rewarding educational experience.  We are your partners in learning. Connect early and often.




Frequently Asked Questions

 What is a Faculty?

A Faculty is a division within a university comprising one subject area, or a number of related subject areas Example: Faculty of Science and Technology.

What are Majors and Minors?

Major and Minors designate field(s) of specialization in an undergraduate program. Simply put, they are the the main subject(s) you study.  Each specialization has a framework or Program Outline of requirements including a certain number of required courses and a certain number of freely chosen courses (electives).  At VIU Bachelor degree must include at least one Major or two Minors.  You do not have to choose a Major or Minors before or during your first year.  Choosing before or early in second year is advisable.  If you already know your plan for Major/Minor(s), connect with a Degree Advisor for that Faculty to 'declare' your goal and get coded in your Student Record.

How do I select a Major or Minor?

The process is different for every student and there is no particular order to follow. It is important to focus on gathering information about yourself, the Majors and Minors available and careers that interest you. Every subject Major/Minor has a Program Homepage link with great information.

Contact an Academic Advisor in the Advising Centre or Services for Aboriginal Students with your questions