Pre-Professional Program Options

VIU offers courses and programs that help you reach long term goals of professional programs and post-degree options. 

VIU grads do very well when applying to graduate schools.  Small class sizes, access to professor office hours, opportunities for undergrad student research and experiential education all contribute to the success of VIU grads as they transition to post-degree programs and professional careers.

When selecting any VIU course with a goal of transfer or application to a post-degree program at a different school, it is the student’s responsibility to check their transfer plan directly with the school to which they wish to transfer.  Read course outlines and prerequisites carefully in order to sequence courses correctly.

If you don't see the program that interests you listed here, consider continuing your exploration on: Career Cruising (username and password: malaspina) or Education Planner.

Consult VIU Educational Advisors in the Advising Centre or your program Degree Advisor for assistance in selecting programs/courses that lead to your goal.

Most popular professional programs: