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Intramural Basketball

Intramural Basketball

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Rules and Regulations

#1. Zero Tolerance. Fighting and Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Any player who uses profane language, makes verbal threats or demeaning remarks directed at any player or Supervisor, or engages in any act of violence (including attempted violence) will be immediately ejected from the game(s) and suspended one game. The captain will also be automatically suspended for one game. All unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with individually by the Intramural Technician. A meeting with the Team Captain, player(s) involved, and the Intramural Technician must take place before they are eligible to play again. Repeat offenders (more than once) will be ejected from the league. Future eligibility in any Athletics and Recreation events are subject to approval from the Intramural Technician

#2. Games will be officiated by student Intramural staff. There will be plays that will go undetected by our staff. Please understand they are doing their best and arguing and harassment of our officials and our Intramural staff will not be accepted. 

#3. Referees will make the calls but players are also expected to call their own infractions if it goes undetected.

#4. All successful baskets will result in 2 points awarded. Three pointers are awarded to shots made behind the current College 3-point line. 

#5. If a player is fouled in the act of shooting and the ball does not go in, they shoot 1 shot worth 2 points. If the shot does go in, they shoot 1 shot worth 1 point.

#6. The game starts with a jump ball. If a jump ball is called after the start of a game, the teams will alternate possession. 

#7. Due to the fast-paced style of play, we ask that no player stands in to take a charge. This is a play that can be a grey area, even with highly qualified officials. We want to prevent any risk of injuries so we are not allowing charges in the intramural game.

#8. When the game gets down to the final 2 minutes of play, the referees will start to use a 24-second shot clock. This will only be in effect for the final 2 minutes of the game. 

#9. If teams are short for the night, they cannot pick up unregistered players. They are allowed to play one player short or pick up a maximum 1 player from a team that is lower in the standings and someone with equal or lesser skill level as the player being replaced. If teams have more than 2 regular players away for the night, their team can pick up players as mentioned above but they will forfeit any points for the night’s games. 

#10. When checking or defending your opponent, please be aware of their private space and avoid excessive touching and body contact whenever possible.