VIU Tournaments - Winning team


Who will be our Intramural tournament champions this year? Put a team together and get ready for some of the most fun you can have on campus!

VIU students play dodgeball at the VIU Gym

Dodgeball - *Cancelled for 2024

We apologize for any disappointment but our Spring 2024 dodgeball tournament has been cancelled. 

Dodgeball Rules & Regulations

Numbers of players and substitutions

1)    Each team will be made up of 6-10 players.  Six players will compete on each side; others will be available as substitutes.

2)    All teams must be Co-ed.  Teams must have a minimum of two individuals who self-identify as Woman, Two-Spirit, Trans, or Gender Non-Conforming to start off the game.

3)    Substitutions may enter the game on the fly or during stoppages as long as the player coming into the game is the same sex as the player going out.

Starting the Game Play

1)    Officials will direct teams to which side of the court each team starts on

2)    The teams will start on their stomachs with their feet touching the back wall

3)    The balls will be lined up on the center line of the court

4)    The referee will blow the whistle at that time both sides can collect the balls and game is on

5)    Only 1 ball is allowed to be held at all times.

6)    To start, all members who pick up a ball must tag up to their own side to start eliminating opponents



The game will be played in the indoor soccer courts but the end lines will extend to the back wall.

1)    Each team will be allowed to advance to the opposition's red line, which is past the center line.

2)    A player cannot step on or over the opposition's red line.  They must stay behind the red line.

3)    If a player steps on or over the red line or they step outside the side lines, they will be out.


An out is scored by:

1)    Hitting an opposing player with a live thrown ball below the shoulders without bouncing (must be direct). FACE SHOTS ARE NOT ALLOWED! (If a player ducks or jumps, and this clearly is the cause for the player being hit above the shoulders, the player is out and the throw is legal.)

2)    A player stepping over the red line or stepping outside the side lines

3)    Catching a direct live ball thrown by your opponent

4)    A ball is being held and used to deflect another ball, but the player drops the ball being held


What happens when a live ball is caught?

The thrower is out. The player who catches the thrown ball will also bring in an additional player from his or her team. (If six players are on the court, no player is allowed to be brought on.)

The gender of the additional player must meet starting game requirements. If there is 0 or 1 player of a gender, then that gender must enter the court.

What is a Legal Catch?

In order for a catch to be considered legal, it must be a direct catch.

Declaring a Winner

1)    The first team to legally eliminate all opposing players will be declared the winner.

2)    If neither team has been eliminated at the end of regulation time, the team with greater number of remaining players will be declared the winner.


If an equal number of players remain after regulation play, a sudden death overtime period will be played.