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Intramural Sports

Intramurals are all about having fun and meeting new people! We recognize the importance of a balanced post-secondary experience and our intramurals events allow students a great escape for both their mental and physical well-being. Our semester long leagues and special events will keep you active and having fun!

Intramural Sports

VIU Athletics and Recreation is committed to providing an inclusive, safe, and respectful experience for all participants, spectators, and staff. We welcome all individuals to participate regardless of gender identity; however, some sports require that teams must have a minimum number of individuals that self-identify as Woman, Two-Spirit, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming playing on the court always. 

Online registration for Spring 2024 programs opens on January 4.

Make New Friends and Register for Intramurals


Important Information

  • Team Captains must register and pay for themselves online. Once the team is registered, captains are responsible for ensuring the rest of players on their team register and complete the team roster.
  • For leagues, pick your sport: soccer, basketball, volleyball.
  • Need more help? Stop by the VIU Gym in Building 190 and we’ll walk you through it!
  • Read the Code of Conduct and Eligibility Requirements and sport-specific rules.
  • Captains read their team captain requirements/responsibilities and sign. [Link to Captain Responsibilities Form coming soon]

A few things to keep in mind about Intramurals Officials.

  • VIU Athletics and Recreation is Open to All. We are committed to providing an inclusive, accessible, and respectful experience for all its players, spectators, and staff.
  • VIU Intramural leagues are refereed by student officials.
  • Officials are responsible for controlling the flow of play and enforcing rules associated with the specific match being played.
  • All fouls are expected to be called by the players even though officials are present. 
  • Refrain from arguing calls and embellishing plays during the game. 
  • Treat the officials in a respectful manner. If this does not occur, actions will be taken.
  • If there are questions/concerns about specific calls or the officials in general, please contact the Intramural Technician directly. 
  • Our officials are doing their best but there is no question that some calls will be missed. At all times, please remember that everyone is participating for fun and please treat the officials and other players with respect. 
  • Intramurals are open to current VIU students, alumni, staff, and the community. Pricing reflects the different categories of players.
  • Players are only able to play on one team per league. 
  • Varsity athletes are not permitted to participate in their respective sports during the collegiate year – not just the season. Red shirts are eligible to play in their sport unless a change in playing status occurs. 
  • Only players appearing on the team roster are eligible to play. Rosters will be locked one month after the registration deadline.
  • Substitutions: Teams may use substitution players from another team roster only if they are short on a given day. Walk in players are not permitted as they have not signed a waiver and have missed the payment deadline. Teams are only allowed a max of two substitutes before forfeiting their night’s scores.
  • All players must show up each night with picture ID.
  • VIU Intramurals welcomes all individuals to participate regardless of gender identity; however, some sports require that teams must have a minimum number of individuals who self-identify as Woman, Two-Spirit, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming playing on the court at all times.
  • For participants to be eligible for playoffs they need to be on the team’s official roster.
  • No substitutes are allowed for playoffs unless approved by the VIU Intramural Staff.

Intramural Captains are integral to the success of the Intramural programs. Captains are team leaders, both on and off the court. It’s not for everyone – so be sure to read the following carefully before signing up.

Captains’ Responsibilities

Every team must have a captain who will be responsible for the following:

  • Register the team during the registration dates/times
  • Attend the Captains’ meeting (or have a representative attend)
  • Ensure the eligibility of their team’s players
  • Inform the team of eligibility, conduct, and activity rules
  • Ensure that their team abides by the Intramural Rules
  • Sign the Captains’ Contract prior to the first playing date
  • Ensure that the team is aware of each week’s playing schedule
  • Report your game scores at the end of each game
  • Make sure that your team’s priority is to have fun through healthy competition

Captains must act as a team leader. They must encourage, motivate, and assist in developing players to achieve their maximum potential. All captains will:

  • Teach players to play fairly and respect the rules, officials, spectators, and players
  • Work in co-operation with the Intramural Staff (and referees when applicable) for the benefit of the game
  • Recognize and respect the differences in their players
  • Not ridicule or degrade players for any reason
  • Encourage and reward effort, fair play, participation, and commitment

Intramural participants are expected to follow the guidelines that the VIU Athletics and Recreation team have put forward to create a fun, safe, inclusive atmosphere. Our leagues are based on the fair play principles of integrity, fairness, and respect. Students found to be in violation of these principles may be suspended from play. 

VIU Athletics and Recreation Intramurals Code of Conduct

The VIU Intramurals Code of Conduct is intended to set the standards of conduct for all staff, student, and community participants. These general rules apply to all facilities, services and programs associated with the Department of Athletics and Recreation. It is the responsibility of all parties to familiarize themselves with, and understand their obligations, contained within the code of conduct.

Participation in VIU Intramurals is a privilege. All players and participants are expected to:

  •  Treat all staff, participants, facilities, and equipment with respect. Bullying, threatening and harassing behavior will not be tolerated
  • Promote an inclusive environment in which differences are valued
  • Act with courtesy and integrity while respecting the rights, welfare, and dignity of other members and participants
  • Conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner and avoid causing harm to themselves or others.
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures set by the department and the university while using our facilities, services, and programs

Participation while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or while in possession of weapons, drugs, and other illegal or banned items, will not be tolerated.

Members violating the Athletics & Recreation Code of Conduct may have their Athletics and Recreation privileges revoked. VIU Athletics and Recreation reserves the right to refuse service or access based on violation of the VIU Intramurals Code of Conduct, for failing to respect facility/program rules, and/or for failing to follow the directions of a Recreation staff member.

Disciplinary Sanctions

 The following is a description of potential sanctions according to and including the examples listed. Any violation may be subject to any level of sanction. Examples are not exclusive to each level.

  • Level 1 - Game Misconduct: A participant may receive a game misconduct and be required to sit out the remainder of the game (e.g., abuse of an official, abuse of a player).

  • Level 2 - Game Misconduct and Multiple Game Suspension: A participant will be assessed a game misconduct (Level 1 Sanction) and be suspended for additional games (e.g., abuse of an official, abuse of a player, continued abuse after ejection, malicious foul/penalty, etc.).

  • Level 3 - Term Suspension: A player or team may receive a term suspension from all Intramural Sport activities (e.g., playing under assumed name to circumvent eligibility rules, or otherwise, continued misconduct, etc.).

  • Level 4 - Indefinite Suspension: A participant or team may be suspended from all future involvement in Intramural Sports activities. (e.g., playing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, fighting).

Spectator Conduct

  • Spectators may be present in designated spectator areas. Spectators will not be allowed to be on the active surface of play. 
  • Intramural staff expects the spectators of its intramural league games and events to uphold and abide to the same standards as its participants. All Intramural League games and events are dry events. 

  • In cases where spectator conduct is unacceptable, Intramurals staff reserve the right to stop or cancel a game and charge the team whose supporters are at fault. If incidents continue, the team in question may be reprimanded with spectator bans, elimination of points, or disqualification from participation. 

  • VIU Intramural Staff reserve the right to implement league-wide, team specific or fixture specific spectator bans. These bans may be implemented for reasons including but not limited to persistently disruptive conduct of spectators, concerns regarding the safety of spectators, participants, or staff, or at the request of facility operators. 

  • Continued issues with spectator conduct will be dealt on a case-by-case basis and can result in temporary or permanent removal of teams and/or closure of the league.

Complaint and Supplementary Discipline Process 

If you have a concern about anything related to Intramurals, please proceed as follows:

  • The incident is reported to or by a Mariners Athletics and Recreation staff member (Manager, Referee, Intramurals Staff, Building Operations Staff, etc.). An incident form will be completed with a member of the intramurals team and then sent to the Intramurals Technician or designate for review. You can also download and fill out the form and drop it off at the front desk of the gym if you wish to submit anonymously. 
  • After an initial review of the incident, a temporary suspension of privileges is put in place, until such time as the parties responsible have arranged to meet with the Intramurals Technician or designate.
  • Team Captains, and where possible, individuals involved in the incident, will be notified via email, and where possible, via phone, of the incident and the immediate consequences and procedure. It is the team captain’s responsibility to make sure that all necessary information involving their teammates is relayed to the appropriate parties.
  • The incident will then be reviewed by the Intramurals Technician or designate with all necessary parties and a decision will be made.
  • Individuals involved in the incident will be notified via email of the decision.
  • Appeals of the decision can be made to the Manager of Athletics and Recreation or designate.
  • After serving the necessary suspension or other disciplinary consequence, the team or player will be automatically reinstated in most cases into the program(s) by the Intramurals Technician. However, there may be circumstances that require the team or player to be manually reinstated by the Intramurals Technician.
  • All incidents are kept on file and can affect future disciplinary actions taken by VIU Athletics and Recreation. 

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