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Welcome to Intramural Sports!

The Intramural program at Mariners Athletics and Recreation has a wide range of recreational leagues, tournaments and special events. We pride ourselves in providing safe, fun, social and even at times competitive programs for all students, staff and community. League nights feature typical sports like Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer and Road Hockey. Our tournaments range from Dodgeball, Slo-Pitch, Beach Volleyball, Road Hockey, Outdoor Soccer and even Poker at times.

Intramural Leagues



This league is one of our most popular. We use a ladder league format so each week your team will move up or down according to how you did the previous week. Teams are Co-Ed and 2 of the opposite sex need to be on the court at all times. This league runs for at least 10 weeks. This league fills up fast so do not hesitate.

Sign Up / Feb. 6 Schedule / Standings


5 on 5 Basketball

Teams are 5 on 5 and teams do not have to be Co-Ed. We use a ladder league format so each week your team will move up or down according to how you did the previous week.

Sign Up /   Feb 1. Schedule / Standings


Indoor Soccer

This league only has space for 8 teams so register quickly. Teams are 5 on 5 and teams do not have to be Co-Ed. We use a ladder league format so each week your team will move up or down according to how you did the previous week.

Sign Up Jan. 31 Schedule / Standings


Make new friends. Register for intramurals today!


5-on-5 Basketball

Friday, Feb 10

5:30pm - 10:30pm

Register your team for a fun 5-on-5 basketball tournament, teams do not have to be co-ed. We will run pool play followed by the playoffs. 

Valentine's Day Dodgeball

Tuesday, Feb 14

7pm - 10:30pm

The dodgeball tournament is one of our most popular intramural tourneys each semester. This time with free pizza, music, and prizes for the winners, as well as prizes for the best dressed up team. The teams are made up of 6 players a side, co-ed (meaning there has to be 2 members of the opposite sex on the team). Hurry up with registration as there are limited spots available - don't miss out on the fun!

Co-Ed Volleyball

Friday, March 17

5:30pm - 10:30pm

Special Events


Sunday, Feb 5

10am - 3pm

This activity is an all-day event starting at the University where we transport the group to an area near the Nanaimo River. Here the group will be supplied with camouflage gear, head protection, guns and a start-up of ammunition. The group will be split into teams and will compete in a series of competitions including capture the flag. The team will then be dropped back off at the VIU gym. This event is rain or shine and fills up fast so do not hesitate to register.

Mt Washington Trip

Friday, March 3

7am - 7pm

This is a downhill ski/snowboard trip. The trip starts at the VIU gym at 7am where we will pick you up and transport the group to Mount Washington. The trip includes a lift pass, transportation to and from VIU and a lesson if you want one. The lessons are for either beginner, intermediate or advanced skiers. The only thing that is not included on this trip is rentals. This trip is a very good deal and will fill up fast. For those people looking to meet new people and have some fun this is the trip for you.

The VIU Amazing Race

Saturday, April 1

9:30am - 6pm

This is the most exciting event at VIU without a question! Teams race around the Nanaimo area where they are required to do task cards to get their next clues. Teams are made up of 5 members at least 2 members have to be female. Transportation to all events is self-propelled or is provided. This is the 6th year running the Amazing race and we expect things to be bigger and better than last year.


Frequently Asked Questions

Intramurals are open to Students, Staff and the community.

The best way to register for all of our events is online or you can also register in person at the front desk of the gymnasium building 190.

All participants need to be registered in advance. Our programs fill up. We also need to make sure everyone has filled out all waivers and forms before programs take place.

Yes, for each league we reserve space for individual teams. We place single players onto teams based on their skill levels. Space for individual players is limited so register early.

The deadline to register for an event is 4 days before the start date. Remember that programs can fill up or get cancelled based on registration numbers so you may want to register early to prevent this from occurring.

Before the program starts our staff will email you a detailed schedule with game times and clarify any sport specific rules.

The first night of each league/tournament we will start off with a meeting where we will explain all the rules and expectations, how to report scores, where to find stats or changes to the schedules. Our staff is very informative and are present every night for questions.

All information regarding special Events are emailed out the week before. Things that are included are what to bring, departure and return times, any special info regarding the specific event.

Almost all of our events are in the VIU gymnasium (building 190) or we meet in the lobby. If the meeting spot is different, we would specify when we send out the specific activity information the week before.

Yes, in almost every event transportation is included. If there are any restrictions to this it will be specified at registration.

Yes, this is allowed but you would need to make arrangements previously to the departure.

In most cases equipment is provided. If it is an event off campus such as a road hockey tournament or a slo-pitch tournament you may be required to bring your own stick or glove for example. This is a question to ask the Intramural programmer before the event.

All events are rain or shine unless otherwise specified.

No, we can only have the registered participants proceed in the events. If it is for a tournament and you are adding a new player in exchange, we will try whenever possible.

No, for most of our events there is a waitlist and a procedure we have to follow.

You would need to refer to our athletics and recreation refund policy. There is a timeframe to follow but all the information is clearly laid out there. If a program is cancelled for whatever reason, then a full refund is given.

No, most of our leagues are designed with a ladder league format which allows teams/individuals to move up or down based on their skill levels each week. There is a level for everyone.



Opportunities are endless when you take part in the Intramural Programs/Special Events at VIU!

We truly are one of the leaders on campus supplying the needed fun and social activities for students. Let us complete your experience while you’re here at VIU, all it takes is to register!

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