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Intramural Volleyball

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Rules and Regulations

#1. Zero Tolerance. Fighting & Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Any player who uses profane language, makes verbal threats or demeaning remarks directed at any player or Supervisor, or engages in any act of violence (including attempted violence) will be immediately ejected from the game(s) and suspended one game. The captain will also be automatically suspended for one game. All unacceptable behavior will be dealt with individually by the Intramural Technician. A meeting with the Team Captain, player(s) involved, and the Intramural Technician must take place before they are eligible to play again. Repeat offenders (more than once) will be ejected from the league. Future eligibility in any Athletics and Recreation events are subject to approval from the Intramural Technician.

#2. Please refrain from crossing the centerline of play. If players continuously disregard this rule they will be asked to take a match off and reset. This is the situation that can cause injury to an opposing player so we ask this does not happen.

#3. Please be aware of the differences in skill levels. When hitting the ball with a lot of force be aware of the opposing players and their ability. We want to prevent any unnecessary head shots.

#4. Please call your own violations--things like two/double hits, carries, net contact, and if you touch any balls that went out. Intramural staff are there to clarify rules but they are not there to officiate. 

#5. Games are timed (usually 30 mins). Play as many games as you can to 25. Teams need to win by 2 unless the time expires first. If there is extra time for a 2nd game, that game needs to have both teams score add to 15 or it does not count in any tiebreakers.

#6.  All teams must be Co-ed.  Teams must have a minimum of two individuals who self-identify as Woman, Two-Spirit, Trans, or Gender Non-Conforming.

#7. If the game is tied when the horn sounds, the serving team will choose to serve or receive and they will play out one sudden-death point for the win.

#8.  Winning team is responsible to report their teams scores.

#9. If teams are short for the night, they cannot pick up unregistered players. They are allowed to play one player short or pick up a maximum 1 player from a team that is lower in the standings and someone with equal or lesser skill level as the player being replaced. If teams have more than two regular players away for the night, their team can pick up players as mentioned above but they will forfeit any points for the night’s games.