A group of prospective students meeting with a VIU Professor

Prospective Students

MBA Internship

The MBA Internship component is an opportunity for students to gain experience in a professional work environment and apply their academic learning in the field. Completing an internship is a mandatory part of the program and participating is an excellent opportunity to see the diversity of positions that exist in the field.

Benefits of an Internship

  • Connects students to a mentor who provides valuable feedback for their learning and professional growth
  • Fosters personal and professional growth, enriching student’s academic experience
  • Enhances the integration of theory and practice between academic and workplace environments
  • Augments student’s academic learning and develops work ready graduates
  • Exposes students to professional conduct in the Canadian workplace environment
  • Builds confidence and a foundation for expanding business networks

What Graduates Have to Say About Their Internship

“My internship has allowed me to get a permanent position within the government, which is not an easy thing to accomplish. This experience has truly allowed me to use the skills I obtained within my Masters program, but also has added to this skill set tremendously.” -- Britney Elder, Ministry of Environment

“My brief four months in the internship at “Honest Renter.com” has helped me acquaint myself with the Canadian work culture - the most valuable gift any international student can have. Thanks to the MBA program and my internship, I have been offered a permanent position in my company. I was fortunate enough to have been employed so easily with minimum hassles knowing how extreme the competition in the job market is.” -- Shruti Naik, Honest Renter

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