Power Engineer/Process Operator 4th Class

Offered at Nanaimo Campus

For program information visit Power Engineer/Process Operator 4th Class

The following areas will be covered in the assessment for the above program:

Area of Study

Minimum Score



Reading Comprehension


30 questions - multiple choice, true/false, short answer

45 minutes

Math (calculator is allowed, basic formula table is provided)


40 questions on:

  • converting from and to metric units & imperial units
  • reading a ruler
  • using Pythagorean Theory
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • decimals
  • fractions
  • percent
  • exponents and square roots- basic
  • word problems
  • algebra - solve simple equations with 1 unknown quantity
  • Transposing
  • geometry: area, perimeter/circumference

60 minutes

Combined Reasoning


30 multiple choice questions that assess the ability to recognize abstract, spatial and mechanical concepts.

30 minutes


Personal Profile - 30 min. A writing sample describing why you are a good candidate for the Power Engineering program

Approximate Time: 3 Hours - A dictionary is not permitted. A calculator is permitted.

Resources to help you prepare for your assessment:

Trades Math Study Guides

Book online for exams at Nanaimo campus

Book for Cowichan Campus: assessments.cowichan@viu.ca

Book for Powell River Campus: examspr@viu.ca

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