Mission and Goals

VIU Student playing basketball for health and wellness

Mission Statement

The Health and Wellness Centre provides comprehensive holistic and culturally competent services for the campus community of diverse and nontraditional learners. The Centre addresses the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, vocational, academic and spiritual well-being of VIU Students.

Vision Statement 

As a multi-disciplinary and holistic service, the HWC strives for excellence and accessibility and will grow according to the health needs of our student population and available resources. The following core values are pillars that support our service delivery.

Quality of Wellness Service

  • We practice holistic health care based on proven and known outcomes to prevent illness, restore health and relieve suffering.
  • Team members continually engage in professional development.
  • Feedback from students is regularly incorporated to improve quality of service and care.
  • The time needed to accurately assess a problem or service need is taken into consideration to determine the best pathway available to the student.
  • Consultation is a regular practice ensuring quality service.

Caring for our patients/students

  • We provide quality and compassionate services in a safe, caring, respectful and supportive environment. We act with integrity and with a commitment to confidentiality. We respect the well-being and dignity of each patient.

Collaborative approach

  • We provide integrated health and wellness care that is inclusive of a whole student approach, which encompasses informed choice as well as collaboration with faculty, elders, counsellors, advisors and other appropriate members of the campus community.


  • We value human diversity in all its dimensions and are committed to maintaining service environments which are equitable, diverse and inclusive.
  • The cultural paradigm of a student is used /considered as part of assessment and delivery of services.
  • Team members and service expansions are chosen with a mind to expanding our diversity.

Respect and Accountability

  • We hold ourselves accountable for providing care in accordance with our values. We will protect our students’ right to privacy and confidentiality. We listen to students, the community and each other.
  • We welcome new ideas and ways of doing things to improve care.
  • We treat each other and students with dignity and respect, and care about those around us.

Healthy Work Place Environment

  • We value a respectful, trusting and collaborative workplace culture that promotes the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being of staff.
  • To be fully present and provide optimum support for VIU learners, we promote the creation of space and time for debriefing and reflection. This process of both mutual inquiry cultivates a workplace that is supportive and responsive in addressing issues relating to workload and stress.
  • Each of us is responsible for workplace culture and performance.
  • Conflict is welcomed and dealt with openly and directly.

Promotion of Self-Care

  • We promote our staff members to be mindful and take responsibility for their own self-care practices. We recognize that in order to provide the highest quality of care for our learners, it is necessary to monitor and take steps to establish our own self-care.