Thrive Thursday Events

To help you Thrive, throughout the semester different wellness events and activities will be held on Thursdays. The Thrive team will post and promote these events here. The events will be hosted by a number of different groups around campus, and they will meet a variety of interests. So check back here often to the get the latest info on upcoming events to help you THRIVE!

Check out the upcoming events below!

For the Success Coach events below, please note that some of these events are also offered on Mondays (if you are unavailable on Thursdays). Check out this page for all the details. 


Handling Stress in the Moment

The purpose of this workshop is to learn about your brain and how to better regulate yourself when you find yourself in stressful and difficult situations. The...

Thrive Thursday Hosts:

Are you interested in hosting a Thrive Thursday event for our VIU community?

There are a couple of ways you can participate:

  1. Be a Special Event Partner-Plan and promote a special online THRIVE Event for students, faculty & staff, or all members of the VIU community.
  2. Be a THRIVE Partner-Promote your regularly scheduled event or activity as a “THRIVE” event, or host an event for a specific audience such as your club or department.

If you would like to get involved please email

We know that you won't always be able to attend our live Thrive events,  so check out one of these recorded options instead!


Want to make some new connections, practice self-care, and start your semester off in a fun way? The Faculty of Social Sciences wants to welcome you back to a new semester with Back to School Bingo. Any student can play by downloading the bingo card and completing the activities on the card. Once you have completed 20 or more activities on the card, email for your chance to win a prize! All VIU students welcome to play!

Check out all the details here:  back-to-school-bingo-fall-2020-a-thrive-thursday-event-(003).pdf


Check out this great new podcast from VIU's own Success Coach! A podcast about living your best self!

Click here to access all the episodes. 


Check out this great video by Student Wellness Promoter Jordan, about how to stay well while physically distancing!


Check out this VIU blog post about staying fit while staying home!

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