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How do I Redeem my Scholarship, Award, or Bursary?

There are two basic types of scholarships and bursaries.

  1. Administered by Vancouver Island University
  2. Awarded by organizations other than Vancouver Island University, such as:
  • Secondary Schools
  • Charitable/Service organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Clubs
  • Companies

It is important to determine what type of scholarship or bursary you have in order to find out how to redeem your award.

Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries Administered by Vancouver Island University

If you are a recipient of this type of award you will have received a letter from Vancouver Island University's Financial Aid and Awards Office stating the name and amount of the award you will receive. The letter will state whether your funds will be issued as a cheque or a tuition credit. If it is to be a tuition credit, the funds will be applied directly to your tuition for the upcoming semester (by the fee payment due date).
Note: The tuition credit cannot be applied to the $200.00 tuition deposit.

Generally, awards will only cover a portion of your tuition. You must pay the balance before Registration's fee deadline dates (see the Vancouver Island University Calendar for fee payment dates). The University reserves the right to cancel registration of students who have failed to pay.


Most VIU awards are "tuition credits" which means they have no cash value and are not refundable. However, if you have paid your tuition prior to receiving your award you will be reimbursed to the amount of your award.

Scholarships and Bursaries from Secondary Schools, Charitable/ Service Organizations, Government Ministries, Clubs or Companies

You will have received a letter from one of the above organizations stating the name and amount of the award you have won. The award letter usually states that the award will be released upon confirmation of enrollment from the University.

Note: Some donors require students to pay the first semester and then seek reimbursement directly from the donor. Instructions will be outlined in your award letter.

In order to claim your award you must first present your letter to the Registration Centre or Cashier's Office. Your student record will be updated to indicate that you are a recipient of this type of award.

The Cashiers department will send a letter to the donor confirming your enrollment and requesting the funds to be mailed to the University. When your award is received it will be applied to your tuition.

You will not be required to pay for your tuition fees if your award covers the full balance. However, if your award does not cover the entire tuition, you must pay the difference before Registration's fee deadline date (see the University Calendar for actual dates). VIU reserves the right to cancel registration of students who have failed to pay their portion of tuition fees when due.


If your scholarship/bursary is more than your tuition you will be entitled to a refund of the excess amount. This money can be used towards your spring enrollment, books, living expenses, etc. Refunds can be requested from the Registration department.

Other Awards

Passports To Education

To redeem your Passport to Education, present the Passport Booklet to the Cashier. Passport stamps will be applied to your tuition fees first, and any excess can be refunded. Refunds can be requested through the Cashiers department.

Passport credits can also be transferred to the University Bookstore to purchase books, supplies, etc. Transfer requests are processed through the Cashier's Office.

District Awards/Dogwood

District Awards are $1000 awards from the Ministry of Education. The first half of the award, $500 is paid to you directly. The second half is claimed by presenting your District Award voucher to Registration. The Registrar will sign the voucher confirming that you are registered at Vancouver Island University. The student will forward the voucher to the Ministry of Education in Victoria, at the address in bold print on the front of the voucher. A $500 cheque will be mailed to you from the Ministry.

Note: You will still be responsible for paying your full tuition by Registration's fee deadline dates (see University Calendar for dates).

Other Important Information


Award recipients who have received more than $500 in scholarships and bursaries will be issued a T4A for income tax purposes.

Refer to your Income Tax information booklet for further information.


For further information about redeeming your Scholarship or Bursary, contact the Cashiers office at Vancouver Island University at 250.740.6236 or email