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Work-Integrated Learning

Work-Integrated Learning

Welcome to the World of Work-Integrated Learning

Work-integrated learning (WIL) is a formalized partnership between a student, their academic institution, and an organization. At VIU, this partnership is facilitated by the Centre for Experiential Learning (CEL), and it involves a process in which students apply their academic knowledge within a workplace setting. As you continue reading, you will learn more about the benefits of WIL for both students and employers, how you can get involved in WIL, and discover captivating stories from past WIL participants. We hope you find the information you're looking for, and if you leave with questions unanswered, please contact us

Danielle Johnsrude, Director, Centre for Experiential Learning and Student Engagement

Employers of WIL Students
All host organizations participating in work-integrated learning (WIL), such as local employers, non-profit associations, community partners, as well as small & medium-sized enterprises are vital in shaping the workforce of the future. As an integral part in the development of soon-to-be graduates with workplace-ready skills, employers create the employees they need and students learn the skills required to meet industry expectations.

Work-Integrated Learning students bring fresh and creative ideas, new ways of thinking, and a keen interest to excel and contribute to regional organizations, like yours, in meaningful and practical ways.

So, in short, through work-integrated learning, employers win, students win, and Vancouver Island wins. Consider hiring a student today and view the list of list resources below to aid you before and during this process.


Add an Internship to Your Program

If you're looking to gain valuable work experience that bridges your passions, strengths, and field of study, then consider adding an internship to your VIU experience. Some programs have built in internship and co-op components. If you're unsure or know that you're ready to take your learning outside of the classroom, then click below and begin the process of adding an internship to your academic journey. 

Benefits of a WIL Experience 

Participating in a WIL experience has advantages for students and employers. Facilitating mutually beneficial experiences for both parties is a top priority.

For Students

  • WIL experiences allow students to ‘try-on’ a job to see if they like it. It is an opportunity to compare what they ‘think’ the job might be like compared to what it actually is
  • Students can receive mentoring, feedback, and actively apply their education
  • Through WIL experiences, students will meet numerous industry professional and grow their professional network
  • Students participating in a WIL experience develop confidence in their abilities and recognize the value of their knowledge
  • During a WIL experience, students will be exposed to the range of career opportunities in the field
  • After completing a WIL experience, students will have an industry reference for future job applications

For Employers

  • Gain access to a skilled talent pool with new thinking and ideas based on emerging research
  • Recruit graduates in the future, reducing your costs and risks during the recruitment of competent and motivated hires
  • Increase your business exposure by investing in the future of the next generation of workers
  • Influence the industry skills being taught by becoming a partner in learning



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