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CREATE Student LeaderEvents SupportKendra Stiwich
Volunteer Team MemberEvents SupportKendra Stiwich
Research Peer MentorResearch SupportKendra Stiwich
Fall CREATE Conference Assistant CoordinatorEvents SupportKendra Stiwich
Learning Communities @ CREATEOtherKendra Stiwich
Collaboration @ CREATEOtherKendra Stiwich
Undergraduate Research @ CREATEOtherKendra Stiwich
Diversity/Global Learning @ CREATEOtherKendra Stiwich
Service and Community-Based Learning @ CREATEOtherKendra Stiwich
Capstones @ CREATEOtherKendra Stiwich
Health, Resilience, and Well-being @ CREATEOtherKendra Stiwich
Integrated Sciences, Technology and Environment @ CREATEOtherKendra Stiwich
Resilience of Island, Coastal and Rural Regions @ CREATEOtherKendra Stiwich
Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Social Change @CREATEOtherKendra Stiwich
Cultural, Heritage and Creative Expression @ CREATEOtherKendra Stiwich
Equity, Diversity and Social Justice @ CREATEOtherKendra Stiwich
Teaching and Learning @ CREATEOtherKendra Stiwich
Internships @ CREATEOtherKendra Stiwich

Local Ambassadors

Local Ambassador - CowichanOtherKendra Stiwich
Local Ambassador - Parksville/QualicumOtherKendra Stiwich
Local Ambassador - Powell RiverOtherKendra Stiwich
Program AmbassadorOtherKendra Stiwich
Program Ambassador - MBAOtherKendra Stiwich
Program Ambassador - MCPOtherKendra Stiwich
Program Ambassador - MEDLOtherKendra Stiwich
Program Ambassador - MEDSOtherKendra Stiwich
Program Ambassador - MEDLOtherKendra Stiwich
Program Ambassador - MGISAOtherKendra Stiwich

Student Research Team

Knowledge Mobilization PractitionerResearch SupportKendra Stiwich
Peer MentorResearch SupportKendra Stiwich
Proposal PractitionerResearch SupportKendra Stiwich
Funding PractitionerResearch SupportKendra Stiwich


Student Member - REBOtherChris Turner
Research Assistant - Aboriginal Early Childhood Development ResearchResearch SupportDanielle Alphonse