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Program Ambassador


This internship provided students with direct experience in a work setting, usually related to their career interests. They were supervised and coached by professionals in the field.

Position Overview

The idea is to provide students with direct experience in a work setting—usually related to their career interests—and to give them the benefit of supervision and coaching from professionals in the field. 

There is an Internship Project Award. The recipient of this award will be taken from the pool of registrants that indicate they are part of a research project at registration.

Position Requirements

  • At registration, the registrant indicates if the project would be considered an Internship project.
  • Before the conference each individual student must submit a 300-word personal reflection essay about the new insights they gained from participating in their project. They need to include the three Graduate Attributes associated with this position

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in oral communication, collaboration, active learning and capacity to engage in respectful relationships.

Position Type

  • This is a participation position
  • Number of positions: multiple

Sign Up Directions

For more information please contact Kendra Stiwich, Student Research Engagement Coordinator, Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity Office at