Self Compassion Break

Self-Compassion Break

When a situation in your life is difficult and causing you stress, practice these three aspects of self-compassion.

1. Locate where you feel any sensations or discomfort in your body

e.g.,:  tension, tightness, pain, tingling

2. Now say to yourself slowly:

  • “This is a moment of suffering” or “This hurts.” (Mindfulness)
  • “Suffering is part of life” or “Other people also feel this way sometimes.” (Common Humanity)

3. Place your hands over your heart

  • feel the gentle touch and warmth of your hands on your chest
  • or adopt a soothing touch that feels right for you and say:
    • “May I be kind to myself” or
    • “May I give myself the compassion that I need” (Kindness)

Adapted from Christopher Germer and Kristin Neff – Sept 2014