Mindful Eating Acceptance Affirmations


  • I accept that my eating and weight concerns are creating emotional distress, discomfort, and suffering in my life.
  • I choose to accept my body and weight as they are at this moment.
  • Committing to accepting myself is a choice only I can make.


  • I accept that body obsession clouds my awareness and thinking.
  • I accept that my genetic inheritance strongly influences my body shape and weight.
  • I accept how important it is for me to eat mindfully in order to live a healthy life.


  • To accept my body and weight does not mean that I am judging them to be perfect.
  • Acceptance only comes from within myself. 
  • I can’t seek it from the outside.


  • I accept that my worth is not reflected in my weight and shape, but, rather, my worth is determined by who I am as a whole person.
  • Acceptance includes rejecting the cultural pressure to be perfect.

Source:  The Centre for Mindful Eating