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What is the Centre for Experiential Learning?

The Centre for Experiential Learning (CEL) is dedicated to student success through Work-Integrated Learning (WIL), Career Services (Career Studio), Peer-Supported Learning (PSL), and the Office of Co-Curricular Engagement & Learning (OCCEL). Student learning is enhanced when integrated with academic and experiential education. Services offered by the CEL prepare students for transitioning into life after graduation.

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Career Studio

Career Studio

Career Services and resources at VIU. 

Work-Integrated Learning

Work-Integrated Learning

Take the classroom to the workplace.

Office of Co-Curricular Learning and Engagement

Office of Co-Curricular Engagement and Learning

The Office of Co-Curricular Engagement & Learning engages and supports the student experience, and creates, promotes and recognizes co-curricular activities exercised on campus and within the community.

Peer Supported Learning

Peer Supported Learning

Free, regularly scheduled, informal study sessions led by senior students. 


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Career Studio On the Road

Book a Career Studio On The Road Workshop

Bring our dedicated Career Studio staff into the classroom for a career self-discovery workshop.

3 Students Sitting and Laughing

Work-Integrated Learning and Career Services 2022 Highlights Report

This annual report highlights general trends and developments over the past year.

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Work-Integrated Learning and Career Services 2021 Highlights Report

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