Getting Around on Campus

active person in wheelchair

If you require accessible parking, a parking permit must be purchased from Nanaimo Disability Resource Center, #2 - 4166 Departure Bay Road, Nanaimo. You may purchase a permit for  about $25. There is a form that must be completed by your doctor. On campus, this permit must be displayed on the windshield rear-view mirror. You should park in designated accessible parking spots. However, if one is not available, you can park in general, staff, or metered lots (provided your permit is displayed on your mirror).

If you require a temporary parking pass while your NDRC pass is being processed, please contact


Nanaimo Campus Maps (wayfinding) showing buildings, ramp routes, accessible parking, and emergency phones are available to download, or use online.

Emergency Routes

Please take a moment to think about emergency preparedness as it applies to your time on campus. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the egress routes in each of your classes, especially if you have mobility challenges.

Elevator Out of Order Notices

Please sign up for elevator maintenance bulletins if you use VIU elevators.