Financial Aid and Awards can provide you with information about financial assistance for government student loans, grants, institutional bursaries, and a variety of scholarships and awards.

Financial Aid and Awards
Hours are Monday to Friday
9 am - 3:30 pm
Building 200, Second Floor

Government Loans and Grants 

Introduction video for applying for StudentAid BC disability grants

Other Funding

  • Self or assistance from family members 
  • General Scholarships and Awards for students with a disability
  • Canadian Mental Health Association scholarships and bursaries. 
  • Bands - Contact your Nation's educational contact
  • Workers Compensation Branch (WCB)
  • Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)
  • Human Resources and Development Canada (HRDC) - the Opportunities fund-must not be eligible for Employment Insurance.
  • Income Assistance (PWD), Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers (PPMB) - apply through the BC Provincial Government

On-Line Financial Planning Resources