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Hospitality Management and Co-operative Education

Hospitality Management and Co-operative Education

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The Bachelor of Hospitality Management program prepares students for every facet of the bustling world of tourism and hospitality with a flexible two-year diploma or four-year degree.

In this experiential program, students have the opportunity to develop strong industry connections and gain technical and practical skills in areas of hospitality marketing, accounting, human resources, management and more. The Management of Hospitality program prepares graduates to work in diverse fields such as hotel management, tourism programs, and sales and marketing.

The program involves the learner in an internationalized curriculum as well as culturally-diverse professional and social environments. Students are engaged in activities that develop their skills to synthesize and solve problems in a global context. The program balances academic and applied skills by designing learning opportunities where learners apply theories in hospitality business environments with a co-operative education model.

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Student Story

"Going into the hospitality degree program I wondered why we had to take co-op class. I said to myself: ‘I know how to work and be professional, so I do not need this class.’ But I tried to be open to the teachings and did all my assignments and participated in in-class exercises. Although I did not get my dream job, I still was able to benefit from the co-op program.

For someone who has social anxiety but loves hospitality it can be difficult but at the beginning of my co-op job we were asked to write our goals, challenges and solutions, and I attained one of my goals of increasing my self-confidence. [My self-confidence] has really improved and I am able to cater to the needs of guests without feeling anxiety of how my accent sounds or if I am able to be of service to them. I would say to other students: ‘be open to the co-op program and you will not regret it.’ I hope you enjoy this program as much as I do.”

Oluwawememi Ayodele (Wemmy), Bachelor of Hospitality Management Student


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