Deva S Veylan, a VIU Community Partner

Community Partners

The Centre for Experiential Learning recognizes the value and contributions made by employers who host student Interns. Because of the important role employers play in the education of students, they have become our Community Partners. Supporting students in applying their learning to the field is invaluable to the professional development of young professionals. The University relies on the expertise and knowledge of professionals in the field to coach and mentor students during their Internship.

Benefits of Hiring a VIU Student

If you are interested in becoming a Community Partner, there are many benefits to hosting an intern. Students are eager to apply their learning in the field and are open to mentorship and feedback from professionals. Students are motivated and well-trained, can help meet summer hiring needs and can assist with short term projects. Hosting an intern is also an excellent way for an organization to support the development of a young professionals after graduation!

Steps to Hiring an Intern

Create an opportunity or need within your organization that you think a student would be a great fit for an intern.  Interns can fill  short-term organization project needs or longer term recruitment needs; bring skills to benefit your organization and add value to your team.

Create an employer account on the Experience Hub.  The Experience Hub is VIU's online job posting portal and is free for employers to create an account and post internship and employment opportunities for VIU students.

Receive your account approval email, login to the Experience Hub and post your internship opportunity.

Review your applications, proceed with your organization hiring process and select your successful candidate.

The successful student starts with your organization by working through your on-boarding and training process.

For tips on how to successfully onboard your intern and access to our handy On-boarding Checklist go to: On-boarding Your Intern

It’s go time for your intern and you as the official work begins!