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Co-operative education experiences (co-ops) in Recreation and Sport Management are designed in two distinct and important experiences, RMGT 110 for first year students and RMGT 210 for second year students. This course is a comprehensive planning course held in the fall semester designed to prepare you for your summer co-op work term, RMGT 10- (first years) and RMGT 209 (second years). The co-op work terms are paid employment situations where the Partner in Learning (employer) provides opportunities, resources and expertise that contribute to student learning through a summer co-op experience. These co-op experiences are fantastic opportunities for students to apply and further construct upon their academic knowledge in a workplace environment.

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Student Story

"This job [gave] me the opportunity to engage with members of the community, especially at the lake because the lifeguards are in such close contact with the public. This also gave me valuable teamwork experience because I was in a new environment and had to learn how to work with other guards in a completely different environment." 

Victoria Koutstaal (Tori), Recreation and Sport Management Diploma Student


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