After you have applied...

Access your VIU Student Record – Once students have applied and received their first communication with their assigned student number, they can access their VIU Student Record. You need your student number and birth date to begin and create a PIN. A security question and answer should be created and this is how students can control who has access to their student information. If your parent/guardian, partner or friend can provide the security question answer, VIU staff can provide information from a VIU Student Record which is otherwise private and available only to the student.

Order BC Transcripts  - Leave your Send Option selection as default to "Send Interim and Final Marks when they become available" unless a paper copy is needed immediately.

Request hard copy transcripts and interim reports from your school for limited entry programs requesting final or interim marks by a deadline.  Read your letters and emails from the Admissions Department carefully and treat deadlines seriously.

Apply for Incoming Outstanding Student status if you qualify. Qualified Students are encouraged to apply for the highest registration priority

Determine where you will live. If you want to live on campus, apply for VIU Residences when you apply to VIU. VIU Residence is pleased to offer a first-year residence Guarantee.

Continue to read and act on important communications from the Admissions Department.  Call 250-740-6400 if you have questions.

Plan Your Finances - Financial Aid and Awards

Stay connected with Connect New Students for events and activities.

Connect with a VIU Educational Advisor  for assistance at any point in planning your start at VIU.  Contact Advising

Get Ready to Register for Courses