Bachelor of Tourism Management Co-operative Education Program

Co-operative education experiences in Tourism Studies are designed in two distinct and important experiences: TOUR 110 for first year students; and TOUR 210 for second year students.  This course is a comprehensive planning course held in the fall semester designed to prepare students for the summer co-op work term. The co-op work terms (TOUR 109 and TOUR 209) are paid employment situations where the employer provides opportunities, resources and expertise that contribute to student learning through a summer co-op experience.  These co-op experiences are fantastic opportunities for students to apply and further construct upon their academic knowledge in a workplace environment.

Past co-op students have successfully completed summer co-ops within municipal governments, visitor centres, hotels, resorts, tour providers, facilities and private businesses.  Many of these co-op students have used the co-op experiences as a practical introduction to careers in tourism throughout Canada and internationally.