Student Code of Conduct (Non-Academic)

Every reasonable effort should be made to deal with student conduct concerns at the instructional and departmental level. The Student Code of Conduct Policy outlines the standards of behaviour expected at Vancouver Island University.

The policy includes, but is not limited to, the following acts:

  1. Endangering the safety of any individual
  2. Violence or threats of violence
  3. Personal harassment
  4. Disruption of the learning and work environment
  5. Theft or Vandalism
  6. Violation of Provincial laws governing the production, use, or sale of alcohol and drugs, including their unauthorized possession or use on campus or, in association with University sponsored activity, off campus.
  7. Providing false information
  8. Refusing reasonable requests of authorized employees
  9. The posting of obscene, libelous and copyright material
  10. Misuse of the University name

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Questions about this policy

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