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Creative Writing & Journalism Internship 

Creative Writing & Journalism

CREW 475 – Creative Writing

The Internship in Creative Writing and Journalism (CREW 475) is offered as a 3-credit course in the spring term.  With a weekly 1.5 hour workshop and a 60-hour internship to take place as it suits the student and the employer, between mid-April and the end of August. 

The weekly workshop supports the student in building professional career tools and includes:

                        • participating in informational interviews
                        • writing a targeted resume and cover letter
                        • curating an e-portfolio website
                        • building a LinkedIn profile
                        • developing interview skills and confidence

The 60-hour internship provides opportunities to gain valuable hands-on experience in the field, network in the selected industry and be mentored by an industry professional.

CREW 475 is offered in partnership with PHIL 399. This course requires the internship coordinator to nominate you for the experience and typically is best suited for senior students with an B+/A average. 


Creative Writing and Journalism internships typically arise through networking vs. traditional job postings. Professor Joy Gugeler, as CREW internship coordinator, maintains an evolving list of prospective employers who have requested interns, are open to them, or have taken them in the past. If employers contact VIU with internship opportunities, the instructor or internship coordinator will share these with the class immediately. Students may apply for these opportunities, or those they want to pursue independently, after consultation with the coordinator and/or instructor and industry research. Internships ideally take place on the job site but can also be conducted virtually at times negotiated between the student and employer. Many internships have led to paid or unpaid part-time or full-time employment, excellent references, and an ongoing relationship fruitful for future job searches. As an ambassador of VIU and the respective programs, interns are both supported by the University and represent it. Internship is highly recommended for students who are keen to develop skills and learn on the job prior to graduation.


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Student Story

"That internship really helped solidify and reinforce my experience and definitely helped me land the job I have now.” Kristen is working as a Social Media Specialist for Ecologyst, one of North America’s most innovative sustainable fashion brands."

Kristen Bounds, Creative Writing and Journalism Student

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