The Centre for Experiential Learning has developed strong relationships with employers, not only locally, but nationally and internationally. The learning opportunities that employers provide, through co-operative education and internships, contribute to student success. Because of the impactful role that employers play in the education of VIU students, they have become our Partners in Learning.

Funding resources that make it possible to hire a student can be provided. Please visit our Employer Funding page.

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Available Internship Programs

What our employers are saying about their experiences with VIU students

"Running a 400 seats Italian Restaurant in Coombs, B.C. is a task on to itself…finding strong, motivated and dependable professionals, dedicated to the Food & Hospitality Industry, willing to travel daily to Coombs, is a struggle. Thanks to Sharon Davidson and the V.I.U. Culinary Arts Co-op Program, we were able to have another successful summer, showcasing our beautiful Island and beautiful British Columbia to tens of thousands of visitors. We sure have a Partner in the V.I.U. Culinary Co-op Program!"

Chef Fausto Bellicini - General Manager
Cuckoo Italian Trattoria at the world famous Goats on Roof, Coombs Old Country Market.


“The MBA internship student increased our capacity, revenue, reach and awareness.”

Startup Nanaimo Lead and Facilitator, Nanaimo BC


"I was incredibly happy with Vanessa, she was an asset to out team and it felt great to be able to work with a student. We regularly compared academic training to hands-on experience. She was eager to learn, observe, participate, and always had insightful questions! It was important for me to participate in VIU's program and support up and coming designers. Supporting students while they work towards completing their degree is important. Formal education for this industry is something we strongly support."

Adriana Sharoun
Coastal Construction
Mentor to 3rd year Interior Design student, Vanessa Lloyd.