Community Partners FAQ

The majority of co-op and internships take place during the summer months, however, shorter term and specific programs may take place throughout the year. Check the program pages for standard timing in each program.

The salary is determined by the employer based on the nature of the work being completed. Co-operative education is a paid work experience with the minimum rate of pay current minimum wage, however, there is no maximum rate of pay.

The responsibilities of the student are determined in a work-term agreement. The student is an employee of the organization that is providing the experience and therefore maintains the responsibilities of an employee in your organization. In addition, the student is responsible for the completion of assignments in relation to the employment experience to meet the curricular requirements of the co-op/internship and to take part in check in and site evaluations as required.

The length of the co-op/internship is set out to meet curricular requirements and varies with the nature of the program and course.

Job opportunities can be posted through the CareerVIU Work-Integrated Learning Portal. Please see our guide on how you can become a Community Partner: