Why Connect With Advising?

Take the first step - see an Educational Advisor

"Meeting with the advisors is always helpful. They always answer my questions and exceed what I need." 


1. Explore

  • Research Careers and Post-Secondary Education and Training
  • Navigate the VIU website to find program information, learner support services and more
  • Learn what career opportunities exist for various majors 

2. Make Choices

  • Use information and knowledge of values, strengths, interests and career and life goals to make choices

3. Decide and Action Plan

  • Apply decision making and planning skills to build and revise a workable education plan that fits with short and long term personal, career and lifestyle and educational goals.

4. Enrich the Experience

  • Discover VIU’s many enrichment opportunities
  • Consider participating in enrichment opportunities

5. Problem Solve

  • Identify obstacles and challenges to meeting your goals
  • Make plans to over come obstacles and challenges and to develop your abilities as a self-regulated learner

6. Focus on Goals

  • Clarify the steps that lead to your desired credential
  • Identify details that become significant along the path to earning your current credential or another one beyond it

7. Self Knowledge and Advocacy

  • Learn about student rights, responsibilities and relevant VIU policies and procedures
  • Seek support in striving toward self-regulation, self-directed learning and self-advocacy


*It is, ultimately, the student’s responsibility to choose courses and programs to meet his or her own career or educational objectives.

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