Building Blocks of Career Planning

Dream! Identify possible Career Paths!

Who am I? What do I like? What is important to me? How do I get to where I want to be? These important questions will hopefully prompt you to move on to self-exploration and the creation of your career profile. Career satisfaction requires that YOU take control of your life choices. Sit back and dream about the hobbies and activities that you enjoy and what others think you are good at then envision how this information might be connected to a new career path.

Self Assessment

* What are your skills? (reading, writing, working with others, speaking)

* What are your interests? (Make a list of the activities and interests you have enjoyed the past 5 years)

* What do you value in the workplace? (Security, regular hours, challenge, respect and status, helping others, salary, work outdoors?)

* What is your learning style? (face-to-face, on-line)

Research Career Possibilities

Use informational interviews to talk with people doing jobs that interest you. Don't just ask simple factual questions, but ask about their joys and frustrations on the job and other interesting open ended questions.

Decide What to Study

Create an Action Plan