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Employer Directory

Employer Directory

Introduction to the Employer Directory

Welcome to the VIU Employer Directory, designed by the Centre for Experiential Learning and Career Studio to help students and graduates to connect with employers and employment opportunities within the Vancouver Island community and across Canada. This resource is curated to connect you, our students and graduates, with leading employers eager to harness fresh talent for internships and employment across a spectrum of industries.

The VIU Employer Directory is designed to be your compass to begin navigating the professional landscape, bridging the gap between your academic achievements and your career aspirations, but please be aware that there might be local opportunities and organizations that are not included on this resource, and continue to conduct your own research and build your network.

As you are interacting with employers, please also remember that you represent Vancouver Island University. Visit this Business Etiquette resource that our team has developed, or visit the VIU Career Studio if you need additional help.


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*Please note that the inclusion of an organization on this resource does not indicate a partnership between Vancouver Island University and that organization, or an endorsement of that organization. No organizations have paid to be included on this resource, and the Centre for Experiential Learning reserves the right to not display an organization on this resource at our discretion.

How These Industries Align with VIU Programs and Majors

Arts, Culture, Recreation, and Sport: Encompasses organizations and opportunities related to Fine Arts, Theatre, History, Recreation and Tourism, Digital Media Studies, Graphic Design, and Visual Arts.

Business, Finance, and Administration: Organizations and opportunities related to Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing, Economics, MBA, Financial Services, Human Resource Management, and International Business.

Education, Law, Social, Community, and Government Services: Features organizations and opportunities related to Education, Criminology, Social Work, Public Administration, Psychology, Sociology, Legal Studies, and Global Studies.

Health: Comprises organizations and opportunities related to Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Health Sciences, Health Care Assistant, Child and Youth Care, Practical Nursing, and Community Mental Health.

Manufacturing and Utilities: Covers organizations and opportunities related to Engineering, Trades and Applied Technology, Resource Management, Environmental Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, and Electronics Engineering Technology.

Natural and Applied Sciences: Incorporates organizations and opportunities related to Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, and Geoscience.

Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Related Production: Emphasizes organizations and opportunities related to Forestry, Fisheries, Agriculture, Resource Management, Horticulture, and Aquaculture.

Sales and Service: Includes organizations and opportunities related to Hospitality, Tourism, Culinary Arts, Professional Baking, Hairdressing, Esthetics and Nail Technology, and Retail Business.

Trades, Transport, and Equipment Operators: Features organizations and opportunities related to Automotive, Carpentry, Welding, Heavy Mechanical Trades, Electrician, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic, and Carpentry/Joinery.