Career Planning Step 2: Explore Options

Learn as much as you can about careers that interest you. Don't just research jobs, but the sector into which the job falls. Don't just read reports and peruse websites... talk with people.

Conduct Interesting and Probing Informational Interviews - Use informational interviews to talk with people doing jobs that interest you. Don't just ask simple factual questions, but ask about their joys and frustrations on the job and other interesting open ended questions.

Find Programs and Schools

  • Career Cruising: The VIU Advising Centre provides this online career exploration tool that helps you explore career options. It provides you with specific job information such as job descriptions, salary/wages, working conditions, education requirements and more! Additional features include a skills and learning styles assessment, and employment guide.

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  • Education Planner
  • Trades Training BC Information and Seat Finder

What to Do with a Major in... learn about the link between jobs and majors within degrees

Conduct Labour Market Research

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