Career Planning Step 3: Get Ready

Evaluate your options and decide which ones are the best for you at this stage of your life. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative? Consider the challenges you may face and how you can handle them.  

Determine what educational requirements are necessary. Do you need a degree, a certificate, a foundation trades program or some specific vocational training?

Meet with an Educational Advisor

Search job listings for credentials required or preferred

Find out which schools will provide you with the education you need. Which school best meets your needs? Consider your lifestyle and family needs. Are classes offered at a convenient time for you? Is the school accredited?

What are the admissions requirements and procedures? In some cases, you may have to write an entrance test or exam. List of programs and courses available at Vancouver Island University

What is the cost of the education required? Will you require financial aid? Could you qualify for a scholarship? Are loans or grants available to you? Financial Aid and Awards

What is a realistic time frame to reach your career goal? Will you study full-time or part-time? What to consider regarding working and studying - full and part-time



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