Leah Pond


Oh hi there!

Since you have made it here, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Leah Pond and I am an Educational Advisor at VIU. I am a former public educator and counsellor who thrives on helping others, problem solving, and relationship building. I value learning from others, making genuine connections, and hearing about other people’s passions and how I can help them work towards these goals.

My love of learning challenges me in the continued pursuit of knowledge. When it comes to advising, I am passionate in learning about students' individual experiences and helping them experience post secondary education in a way that fits their lifestyle. I strive to help students learn about their options, create flexible work schedules, and find a university experience that is compatible with their individual needs. It is this, teamed with my outgoing personality that make academic advising a perfect fit. 

I am fortunate to have grown up on beautiful Vancouver Island and though I am a farm girl at heart, I now spend most of my time trail running and riding, cooking, yogaing (yes, it’s a verb, I have a BA with a minor in English), and spending time with my family. I will never turn down a dance challenge, I love to laugh, and have a secret desire to out sing the band.

Connect with me and the rest of the advising team by stopping by Building 200. Walkens (especially the Christopher variety) are always welcome.

I would like to acknowledging that I am fortunate to work, play, and live on the traditional territory of the Snaw-Naw-As people.