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Aboriginal Ecotourism Internship

Aboriginal Ecotoursim Internship

Applying for Opportunities

Your internship co-ordinator will work closely with you to assist with securing an internship.

Before your Internship

Prior to the start of your internship you will have completed the following courses in good

Guiding Skills 1 and 2

This two-level course introduces tools for establishing and maintaining physical and
psychological safety considerations for effective outdoor guiding leadership, and further prepares
students with the practical skills specific to field training experiences and industry expectations
for risk and trip management. The second part of this course further integrates leadership
techniques and considerations with environmental and navigational considerations when
planning and managing outdoor adventure activities to industry standards.

Field Specialty: Paddling Skills 1 and 2

The two levels of this course focus on developing paddling skills and certification across a
variety of craft suited to Aboriginal Tourism products.

Introduction to Tourism

An introduction to the role that leisure “plays” in contemporary society and how leisure affects
the quality of life for the individual and the group.

Heritage Interpretation in Tourism

A study of the planning and delivery of heritage interpretation messages for a variety of tourism
venues such as parks, historic sites, and urban attractions.

First Host

A one-day course designed to train participants to offer exceptional service to visitors while
maintaining cultural authenticity and appropriate cultural sharing.

Wilderness First Aid

This course includes CPR “C” and provides comprehensive training and certification for
wilderness guides operating in remote locations far from immediate emergency medical assistance.

Environmental Stewardship in Tourism

An examination of the relationship between natural resources and the development of tourism

Tour Group Packaging

An introduction to tour packaging for inbound and outbound tour groups. Emphasis is on the tour
packaging process including: research and design, negotiation and booking, costing and pricing of
tours and development marketing techniques to sell tours.

Restricted Operator Certificate

This seven-hour course will prepare you for examination for the Restricted Operator Certificate
(Maritime) (ROC-M), for using VHF radios.

During your Internship

Once you have confirmed an internship, you will need to complete an employer information
form, site visit, mid term reflection, and final project.