Bachelor of Arts Internship Program

The Centre for Experiential Learning recognizes the value and contributions made by employers who host student interns. Supporting students in applying their learning is invaluable to the professional development of young professionals. The University relies on your expertise in mentoring students through their internship.

Benefits of Hiring a VIU Student

If you are interested in becoming an employer, there are many benefits to hosting a VIU Student.  Students are eager to apply their learning and are open to mentorship and feedback from professionals in the field. Students bring new ideas and energy to an organization and can develop new programs or initiatives that many organizations don’t have the time to coordinate. In addition, students can conduct research on behalf of an organization to better inform new initiatives or programs under development. Hosting an intern is an excellent way for an organization to support the development of young professionals and many hire their interns after graduation!

Posting a Position

If you are interested in becoming an employer, The Centre of Experiential Learning and our students would love to hear from you. Please contact the Work-integrated Learning Faculty to discuss how you can host a student Intern.