Prospective Students

Bachelor of Arts Internship Program

Benefits of an Internship

There are numerous advantages to participating in an internship:

  • Internships allow students to ‘try-on’ a job to see if they like it. It is an opportunity to compare what they ‘think’ the job might be like compared to what it actually is.
  • Students can apply their education in the field and receive mentorship and coaching from professionals in the industry.
  • Through internships, students will meet numerous industry professionals and start to develop their professional network. The contacts established in the field through an internship become critical upon graduation.  Industry contacts often assist students to secure work after graduation.
  • Students develop confidence in their skills and abilities during their internship and recognize the value of their knowledge.
  • During an internship, students will be exposed to the range of career opportunities in the field.
  • After the successful completion of an internship students will have an industry reference for future job applications.

What Graduates Have to Say About Their Internship

“The internship is AWESOME! What a valuable experience that allows me to gain both knowledge and work experience and create networking contacts.”

Requirements and How to Apply

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Internship Coordinators

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Alissa Ward - Bachelor of Arts Internship

"Currently, I’m working in digital marketing, creating written and visual content for various companies. In the future, I would like to continue doing this type of work, but for companies with core values that align more closely to mine (sustainable products), the ultimate goal is currently to work for Patagonia."

Learn more about Alissa's Internship Experience