Success Stories

Alissa Ward - Bachelor of Business

"This is a course that I have recommended to countless people. I think it is a very practical course, with a reasonable work load to prepare for future endeavours."

What was the biggest takeaway from the INTP 300 course for you?

"There were so many, but I loved being able to create an online portfolio which I have revamped into a personal website that I do encourage places I’m applying to browse. Also, learning less traditional formats for presenting resumes, writing skill statements, but also recognizing that we don’t NEED every qualification that an application lists, but just to go out and apply. There were many great speakers who came into the class."

Did the course give you any clarity as to what you would like to do after graduation?

"I was very set in my ways, thinking I knew what I wanted to do. We did explore some job applications which was an activity I found helpful to narrow down my skills and see how they aligned with jobs available."

Looking forward, where would you like your career to go?

"Currently, I’m working in digital marketing, creating written and visual content for various companies. In the future, I would like to continue doing this type of work, but for companies with core values that align more closely to mine (sustainable products), the ultimate goal is currently to work for Patagonia."