BSA General Member - Business Students' Association

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BSA members actively participate and attend the various experiential learning opportunities presented by the BSA throughout the academic year.

Position Requirements

The Business Students’ Association at Vancouver Island University is dedicated to providing experiential learning opportunities for students to help the development of the business leaders of tomorrow.

BSA members are students who are in good standing with the association and have actively participated and attended the various academic events throughout the year. These events include professional development workshops, general meetings, panels and various networking events throughout the year. These various events are designed to provide students with new experiences and learning opportunities that are not provided in the traditional classroom setting. By attending these events, students are provided the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, while they are provided a foundation to build a network of connections for the future. Estimated time commitment is 2 hours a month.

Sign-up Directions

To be a BSA General Member, students must first fill out the BSA Membership form on our website under the 'Get Involved' tab. After completion of the BSA Membership students must pay the $5 membership fee in order to be a member in good standing. To pay your membership form please contact to arrange payment.