In accordance with the Human Rights Code, a student with a documented disability may be entitled to reasonable accommodation upon request.

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An assessment, conducted by a certified expert in the specific field, will determine what accommodation is required.

What is it?

An accommodation is an arrangement that is put in place to support a student with a disability. Accommodations are provided to "level the playing field" for the student. Students are expected to achieve the same learning outcomes and standards as everyone else. The accommodation ensures that each student has the chance to demonstrate their real ability.

How do students get accommodation?

  • Call Disability Access Services Office 250-740-6446 six to eight weeks before classes start, to book an appointment
  • Bring current documentation (not older than 5 years)
  • The Disability Access Services Office will work with the student to determine if qualifications for accommodation and identify the type of accommodation for studies.
  • Accommodation is based on documented need. A student will only be eligible for accommodation that addresses the challenges caused by their disability.

Who needs to know?

Disability Access Services

The student and the Access Specialist will review the documentation together to determine the accommodation based on the disability and the academic requirements.

Once you, the student, have met with Disability Access Services and determined your accommodation needs, a confidential letter of notification will be prepared to inform your instructors of your accommodation. The nature of your disability is not disclosed.

  • This letter is valid for a period of one year from the preparation date.
  • This letter verifies that you are registered with Disability Access Services and that you are entitled to academic accommodation.
  • The letter outlines your classroom and exam needs.
  • Your instructors will not receive info about your disability. They simply need to know that you are registered with Disability Access Services. You do not have to disclose or discuss your disability.

Once the letter is prepared you should:

  • Set up a private office hour meeting with each of your instructors
  • Introduce yourself and review your accommodation letter
  • Discuss your accommodation needs
  • Communicate any difficulties you have with learning
  • Come to an agreement about how accommodation will be provided

The success of your semester will be enhanced if you communicate regularly with your instructors and Disability Access Services. They are your partners in education.


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