Things to know about when you are a VIU student...

Counselling Services are available for registered students through the Student Affairs department. Students can make individual appointments, and also take part in the free group sessions put on by the Counselling staff.

VIU offers a Writing Centre to assist students with their writing. This is a free service, and is staffed by VIU Instructors. Individual appointments and drop-in hours are available.

All VIU students are welcome to get help from fellow students at the Math Learning Centre.

There are various Tutoring Resources for students to access.

Services for Aboriginal Students Team provide culturally appropriate services to a specific body of students with one-on-one student appointments, phone calls and emails for:  advising, first level counselling, financial aid, scholarships, funding options, career counselling, daycare, and housing.  We listen and support students with academic or personal concerns as they explore, define, plan, and achieve their career and educational goals throughout their educational journey.

The Accessibility Services Office provides information, support services and reasonable accommodation in all programs to students with documented permanent and temporary disabilities ranging from mental health, ADHD, learning disabilities, chronic health issues, hearing and visual impairments, physical disabilities and temporary impairments due to accident, illness or injury.  All students with disabilities are encouraged to register with the office. Access to most services and programs provided by Accessibility Services is restricted to students who have registered with Accessibility Services.

Peer-Supported Learning (PSL) offers free, regularly scheduled, informal study sessions led by a senior student who has been successful in this course. It is a place to get your questions answered, practice using and studying the course content and develop different study strategies. It is open to all students.  PSL is meant for everyone and focuses on improving learning, developing study skills and ultimately improving your grades.

VIU’s branch of  SOS (Students Offering Support) - Conquer Examaphobia.  Exam Aid Sessions in Biology and Chemistry. Designed by students, for students and taught by A+ Instructors to help you boost your marks.  Enter your exam with confidence!