Frequently Asked Questions

What about the fee deadline dates that Registration tells the students?

Once a sponsor letter is received the student's tuition fees are automatically deferred. The due date on the Accounting Department's invoice becomes the new deadline date.

Shouldn't I send payment immediately?

Wait until the official invoice has been received. Payments that are received and applied to the student's tuition account, instead of the sponsor invoice, become the property of the student and will not be refunded (if a refund is owed) to third parties.

What about refunds if the student withdraws?

Refunds will be issued to the sponsor only if a sponsor arrangement has been made with Vancouver Island University. Tuition fees are locked and no refunds issued after the second week of classes.

What if the student doesn't show up for classes?

If the student does not attend classes the sponsor will still be liable for tuition fees owing, as the student has taken a space in the course. The student must first officially withdraw by completing a "Student Change form" and submitting the form to the Registration Department. If the sponsor cannot locate the student the sponsor can contact the Accounts Receivable Department 250.740.6235 to request a Withdrawal of Sponsorship form.

How do I find out if the student is attending classes?

Vancouver Island University does not take or require attendance. However, there are some programs such as Adult Basic Education that do take attendance. The sponsor would have to contact the student's instructor.

Can I find out what grades the student received?

A sponsor can submit a "consent to release information" letter to Vancouver Island University where the student's signature authorizes the release information to the sponsor. The letter will be held on file in the Records Department.