Applicants and New Students

Steps to becoming a VIU student

Steps to becoming a student at Vancouver Island University

If you have not yet applied to VIU

Connect with Recruitment

Recruitment Officers can be reached by email: or phone: 250.740.6672 / 1.888.920.2221 Ext. 6672

High School Counsellors

If you have any questions, you want to learn more about VIU, or are in need of any resources, please email or call 250.740.6672.  If working with students who have applied to VIU, please see below.

Transitioning To University: What Services does VIU Offer?

Transitioning To University: What Services does VIU Offer?

If you have applied to VIU

VIU Educational Advisors are available to support you in planning and preparing to begin your studies at VIU and through a positive and rewarding educational experience. 

Register for Summer Warmups and RockVIU

What's Next?

What happens from application to your first day at VIU?  


Course Planning

What courses will you take?  It depends on your goals. Read your letter from VIU Registration Centre. You can refer to the Program Outline on the VIU webpage for your goal credential and/or consult with an Advisor for assistance, tips and suggestions. 

Course Planning Worksheet (printable)


Advising Centre:

Connect with a VIU Advisor  

Services for Aboriginal Students Advisors: 

Course planning assistance and so much more available. Connect with Services for Aboriginal Students Advising.

Web Registration

How do you register for courses?  Web Registration happens in your online Student Record. The process starts in April.

Watch the Web Registration Tutorial (no sound)

If you still have questions or need assistance:

Attend a Zoom Web Registration & Course Selection Session 


Getting Ready for the First Day of Classes

We are your partners in learning. Connect early and often.

*It is, ultimately, the student’s responsibility to choose courses and programs to meet his or her own career or educational objectives.