Applicants and New Students

Before applying to VIU

 Pre-professional Studies at VIU - Academic Advisors can help you make long term educational goals

After applying to VIU

Educational Advisors are available to support you in planning and preparing to begin your studies at VIU and through a positive and rewarding educational experience.

VIU Limited Entry Program Advising

We are your partners in learning. Connect early and often.

What's Next? What happens from application to your first day at VIU?  

What to Do in March

Get comfortable using your Student Record by setting up a password and Security question and answer. Meet March 31 and other deadlines for submitting applications or interim grades.


What to Do in April

Admission Next Steps

Accept your official offer of admission in your student record and pay the non-refundable, not-transferable tuition deposit. Admission Next Steps |

Course Planning

What courses will you take?  It depends on your goals. Read your letter from VIU Registration Centre. You can refer to the Program Outline on the VIU webpage for your goal credential and/or consult with an Advisor for assistance, tips and suggestions. 


What to Do in May

Web Registration

How do you register for courses?  Web Registration happens in your online Student Record. The process starts in April.


What to Do in July

*It is, ultimately, the student’s responsibility to choose courses and programs to meet his or her own career or educational objectives.

Steps to becoming a VIU student

If you are not yet a VIU Student