Funding for British Columbia Residents


IMPORTANT!! Student Aid BC Loans and Grants

If you have an approved student loan or grant, you must contact the Financial Aid & Awards office if you make any enrollment changes or withdraw from any classes.

Student Part Time and Full Time Funding for BC Residents – Who Qualifies?

Full Time and Part Time Student Aid BC Loans/Grants

  • Full-time status - enrolled in minimum 9 credits per semester
  • Full-time disability status - enrolled in minimum 6 credits per semester
  • Part-time status - enrolled in between 3 to 6 credits per semester
  • Must be BC resident for a minimum of 12 months or more
  • Your program must qualify for Student Aid BC funding
  • Applications take 8 weeks to process. Therefore, apply early
  • Students are responsible to pay all tuition and other fees by specified deadlines
  • Student loans require your SIN on your VIU Student Record to confirm enrollment. Check with the VIU Registration Center to confirm it is on your VIU Student Record
  • If you have an approved student loan, your funds are not released until 5 to 15 days after your 1st day of class

Recommended Student Loan and Grant Application Deadlines

  • Early July for Fall semester starts
  • Early November for Spring semester starts
  • Early March for Summer semester starts

Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG) – Who Qualifies?

AUG is a provincially-sponsored assistance program designed to provide grant funding to cover direct educational costs for students enrolled in recognized Adult Basic Education or English-as-a-Second Language programs. Anyone not receiving financial assistance for educational costs from other sources may apply for funding.

  • If eligible, student must be enrolled and attending classes in ABE, WEST or ESL
  • Applications MUST be submitted before tuition is due
  • Refunds are not issued to students who have paid for their tuition or text books
  • University level credit courses are not eligible for AUG funding
  • To learn more and to get an Adult Upgrading Grant application, visit either of our Financial Aid & Awards or Academic & Career Preparation offices
  • Adult Upgrading Grant applications are available at:

NOTE:   Students must be enrolled and attending classes before any approved AUG funding will be disbursed.

 Financial Aid - AUG Handout 

Recommended Adult Upgrading Grant Application Deadlines

  • Mid-August for Fall Semester start
  • Mid-December for Spring semester start
  • Mid-April for Summer semester start

Study Grants for Students with Permanent Disabilities – Who Qualifies?

  • Must be documented with VIU Disability Access Services
  • Meet with a VIU Disability Access Services Educational Advisor
  • Applications take a minimum of 8 weeks to process
  • Apply a minimum of 8 weeks before your program starts
  • To book an appointment visit VIU Disability Access Services
  • To learn more visit StudentAidBC

BC Access Grants for Labour Market Priorities

Eligible Programs may qualify for additional funding including:

  • Tool and/or Relocation component grant
  • Loan and/or Unmet need component grant
  • To learn more visit StudentAidBC

BC Completion Grant Program

  • Annual remission, processed through your BC Student Loan
  • Issued upon successful completion of studies following each funded study period and available to students enrolled in their first, second, third or fourth year of borrowing. (fifth year for students with dependents)
  • Students must be enrolled in programs of no less than two years in length (two year diploma or four year degree programs)

Note: Policies and procedures for StudentAid BC may change from year to year. Please contact the Financial Aid & Awards office for current information.

British Columbia Training and Education Savings Grant

  • Families in British Columbia are encouraged to start planning and saving early for their children’s post-secondary education or training programs
  • To help, the Government of BC will contribute $1,200 to eligible children through the BC Training and Education Savings Grant (BCTESG)
  • To learn more visit British Columbia Training and Education Savings Grant

Industry Training Authority (ITA)

  • Want to know the perfect trade for you?
  • Want to connect with an advisor in your region?
  • You can apply to challenge certification in your trade
  • Discover trades training in the K-12 system
  • To learn more visit

Single Parent Employment Initiative

  • If you are a single parent receiving income or disability assistance, you may be eligible for training and support to secure a long-term job
  • To learn more visit BC Single Parent Employment Initiative

Work BC Opportunities and Apprenticeships

  • WorkBC is the provincial government’s access point to the world of work in British Columbia. It was created with one key goal – to help all British Columbians successfully navigate BC’s labour market
  • WorkBC helps people find jobs, explore career options and improve their skills
  • They also help employers fill jobs, find the right talent and grow their businesses

Helpful Student Loan Repayment Tips and Information

Manage your Student Loans On-line with your National Student Loan Centre (NSLC) Account:

Manage your loans with your NSLC account

Student Loan Repayment Information

Student Loan Repayment Assistance Plans (RAP)

  • Have you completed your full time studies?
  • Are you still studying but no longer accessing loans?
  • Did you know your student loan accumulates interest?
  • Did you know National Student Loans offers webinars?
  • To learn more visit the Government of Canada Student Financial Assistance website

Student Loan Repayment Webinars

For students who have received government student loans during their academic life, the following information is available to help you understand ‘what happens next’.

The National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC) provides Repayment Webinars to help students understand their options for repaying their student loan. The webinar is on demand and can be accessed anytime using the website link provided:

Student Loan Repayment Webinar

Maintaining Interest-free Status

  • Full-time students who previously received government-funded loans, but who did not negotiate one for their current study period, should complete the "Interest Free Status" application, available online at StudentAidBC
  • This application replaces the Schedule II forms (for Canada student loans) and the Certificate II forms (for BC student loans)

Canada Student Loans Program Interest Relief Plan –
British Columbia Interest Relief Program

  • The Government of Canada and/or the Province of BC will pay the interest on Canada Student Loans and/or BC loans on behalf of debtors who are experiencing financial hardship due to temporary inability to find employment or temporary disability, for a period up to 30 months
  • Application forms for interest relief are available from the Student Services Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training at StudentAidBC

BC Debt Reduction Program

  • The BC Debt Reduction Program was introduced in August 2000 and recognizes borrowers’ inability to make the required monthly payments on their outstanding BC Student Loans, due to limited monthly income
  • Borrowers who have exhausted their interest relief eligibility under the BC Interest Relief Program, and who have also been out of post-secondary studies for at least five years, may qualify for debt reduction
  • Debt reduction will reduce the BC Student Loan principal balance to a more affordable repayment level
  • Students who previously received some debt reduction through the Loan Remission Program will also be eligible for consideration under the new Debt Reduction Program
  • Eligibility for BC Debt Reduction is linked to an individual’s eligibility for debt reduction under the Federal Debt Reduction Program
  • Students/borrowers who receive federal debt reduction may automatically receive assistance under the BC Debt Reduction Program
  • Unlike the Federal Debt Reduction Program, a maximum debt reduction limit has not been set under the BC Debt Reduction Program
  • For full details on the BC Debt Reduction Program, please contact StudentAid BC at the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training at 1-800-561-1818, or at their website StudentAidBC