Important Tips and Dates for Planning

Contact Financial Aid & Awards if:

  • You are currently receiving student loans, grants or sponsorships and you want to make any course changes
  • You are currently receiving student loans and you do not have a prerequisite (this may put you at risk of de-registration at a time when it may be too late to register for something else, impacting your funding)
  • You are using a course taken at another university or college to satisfy a prerequisite at VIU and you are receiving student loan funding

Full Time and Part Time StudentAid BC Loans/Grants

Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG) Funding

  • Must be enrolled and apply before tuition is due
  • No refunds issued to students who have paid for tuition or books
  • Students must be enrolled and attending class before any approved AUG funding is disbursed
  • For more information visit Funding for BC Residents

VIU Internal Scholarship, Award and Bursary Deadlines

  • October 31 NOON: Bursaries 
  • March 31 NOON: Scholarships, Awards and Entrance Awards

For more information visit VIU Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries or to learn how to apply using the Scholarship, Award and Bursary Profile here

VIU Research, Graduate, Conference and Travel Awards


  • VIU offers a variety of funding support and sponsorship options for Women and Indigenous Peoples interested in pursuing trades training and career paths.
  • For more information on Women in Trades Training (WITT) and Indigenous Peoples in Trades Training (IPTT), visit: and/or

VIU Tuition Waiver Program

  • Application deadlines to apply are October 31 and March 31
  • Late applications accepted if space is available in program
  • For more information and to download an application see Youth Aged out of Care Funding

VIU Education Abroad Awards

For important deadlines visit VIU International Education.

VIU International Scholarships and Awards

For important deadlines visit VIU International Education.

Passport to Education

The Graduation Program Examinations Scholarships and Passport to Education program are now phased out.

If you have already received scholarships under these programs, you are able to redeem them toward tuition. For more information please visit BC Gov: Phased Out Scholarships

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