VIU Students

Degree Advisors

see students ready to declare their Major/Minors or with specific questions about the path toward their chosen degree.

Student Success Coaching

Collaborate with the Success Coach to gain support for personal & professional development and improving self-regulation of learning.

Learning Matters

A digital collection of resources to assist students in being successful. Videos, learning tips, study strategies, support areas, best practices—all collected together in this site.

Peer Supported Learning 

Peer-Supported Learning (PSL) offers FREE, regularly scheduled, informal study sessions led by a senior student who has been successful in this course. It is a place to get your questions answered, practice using and studying the course content and develop different study strategies. It is open to all students.  PSL is meant for everyone and focuses on improving learning, developing study skills and ultimately improving your grades.

Visit an Educational Advisor on a regular basis to become an active partner in your educational planning

Instructor Office Hours

VIU Advising - office hours

Professor/Instructor Office Hours have been described as the most under utilized resource available to students on campuses across Canada and US.  At VIU, we proudly advertise small classes and the caring support of faculty and staff to help students succeed.  Visit during office hours!