Frequently Asked Questions: 2021 Graduation Celebration

What will the virtual graduation celebration be like? 

The celebration will be different from a convocation ceremony, although it will have some of the same features, such as a chance to say the traditional graduate oath, and hear the Chancellor declare you officially graduated from VIU. Some things will happen live during the live stream, and some parts will be pre-recorded (valedictorian speeches, for instance). And there might be a few surprises! It will be a unique and fun celebration of your achievements. We will release more details about the event in May. All graduates who choose to participate in the virtual graduation celebration will receive a Celebration Box filled with items to help make the virtual event special. See the question below for more details.

What will I receive in the 2021 Celebration Box if I decide to participate in the virtual celebration? Do I have to pay for it? What about shipping?

The box will include a graduation cap (mortarboard) with tassel, a souvenir printed convocation program with your name listed, and some fun extra items to help you celebrate! The deadline to sign up for the celebration box is March 31, 2021. There is no charge for the box or for the shipping – it is our gift to you.

Will there be valedictorians? Can I still send in a nomination if I’m interested in running for valedictorian?

Yes, we will have valedictorians participating in the event. The nomination deadline for the June 2021 graduation celebration is Monday, March 15 until 3 pm, Because of COVID-19 the process for submitting a nomination is a little different now. For more information, please go to our Valedictorian Selection Process webpage.

Can I send in a selfie to be shown during the live stream?

One highlight of our virtual celebration will be a photo slideshow of graduates. Want to be included? Send your grad selfie – wearing the mortarboard cap from your Celebration Box if you like – to by June 18, 2021 at the latest. Please indicate within your email the program from which you are graduating. This is optional but we’d love for as many graduates to participate as possible!

How can I get a formal graduation photo taken?  

Lifetouch Photography’s studio in Qualicum Beach has caps, gowns, hoods and stoles for all of VIU’s programs, so you can have photos taken wearing your program’s appropriate regalia. Or, if you decide to rent regalia elsewhere, you could wear that in a graduation photo — see the question below for more information. If you’re interested in graduation photos, please contact Lifetouch at 250-738-0983, between 8 am and 3 pm Monday to Friday to set up an appointment for an individual photo session.

I would like to rent graduation regalia to wear while I watch the live stream, or for photos. How can I do that?

What you choose to wear during the live broadcast is, of course, totally up to you – regalia is not required. But if you’re interested in wearing regalia to help you celebrate your graduation, you can access Gaspard Regalia Inc. for regalia rentals by clicking here Rent Your Regalia.

Note: Indigenous/Métis/Inuit students may choose to wear traditional regalia rather than VIU regalia.

Can I still watch the live stream if I don’t have a Facebook account?   

Yes. Live streams are available to viewers with or without a Facebook account. Simply go to the VIUniversity Facebook page to watch.

Can my family and friends view the celebration? Is there a limit to the number of people who can watch?

Your family and friends can all view the ceremony from wherever they are in the world, and there is no limit to the number of people who can watch this event live. We encourage you to invite as many people as you like to help you share your magnificent achievement!

Will the virtual celebration be available to watch at a later date?

Yes – you will be able to access the virtual celebration any time after the live event by going to the VIUniversity Facebook page and clicking on the “videos” tab.