Current Students

Physical Education Internship

Applying for Opportunities

Locating an Internship is a collaborative process that is intended to simulate the experiences that students will likely encounter after they finish their academic experience.  We do not use a placement model but rather an open employment model.  The fall semester teaches students various methods and processes for finding and securing opportunities through a variety of means.  Interested students apply for Internship positions that appeal to them (just like a regular summer job), they are interviewed by the Partner in Learning and if successful, become employed.  Often the best Internships are located by the student through the students’ own network or direct contacts.  Also, Internship opportunities are shared in class as well as posted through the CareerVIU Work-Integrated Learning portal.

Available employment / Internship positions are posted through the CareerVIU Work-Integrated Learning portal.

Recent Internships have occurred with the following organizations.

Before your Internship

A prerequisite for the Internship is to successfully complete the fall semester assignments and discuss the specifics of the Internship experience with the Coordinator. Once the student secures an Internship, they will complete a short Internship proposal and submit it along with the Internship Work Term Record. Once the Internship Coordinator approves the Work Term Record, a Letter of Agreement is sent to the Partner in Learning and the student to verify the experience.

During your Internship

Typically we do two assessments for each Internship experience:

  1. Midpoint Assessment - most often this is done in a face-to-face meeting with the student, Partner in Learning and Co-op Coordinator, or VIU designate. (Occasionally, we do online assessments as required)
  2. Final Assessment - this is completed by the Partner in Learning and is submitted to the Internship Coordinator

The student is also required to complete an Internship Presentation that highlights specific learning that occurred during the Internship experience.

Important Resources

Course resources are available in VIULearn and Internship resources are available through CareerVIU Work-Integrated Learning.